Residential Architecture

Muray House / John Pardey Architects

The Muray House has an L-shaped plan with a single-storey, south-facing wing providing open-plan living spaces beneath a sedum covered roof that oversails to provide a carport at one end.

Arca Family Home / Hogg&Lamb

Arca Family Home offers a re-imagined approach to living in residential sub-divisions. With a GFA of only 35%, the design places emphasis on outdoor living through the incorporation of gardens

This House Never Ends / Steffen Welsch Architects

When I took my son to see the house in the midst of its completion, through his eyes, it unfolded as an endless structure, 'a house that never ended' - in his young mind, it appeared as a house stretching far beyond its actual boundaries.

Big Sky Residence, Montana / Kor Architects & Barbara Leland

Sited to take in views of mountains to the east, west, and southwest, the 13,375-square-foot house's windows blend the indoor and the outdoor, while energy-efficient geothermal heating keeps the house comfortable at a fraction of the typical carbon footprint.

Grand View House / John Lum Architecture

This newly constructed residence for the Dolman Group took a pre-approved, two-unit entitlement and reorganized the floor plan to make it family appropriate, replacing an awkward layout.

Toorak Residence / ADDARC

The Toorak House is a study of scale and materiality, enriched by the presence of shadows. Solid glass bricks create a translucent veil upon which to glimpse this tranquil passing of the day and imbue a surreal luster and humility to the surrounds.

Rockridge House / BLA Design Group

The Rockridge House is an extensive renovation project which celebrates sloping topography and breathtaking westward water and island views.

Californian Bungalow Family Home / Steffen Welsch Architects

This Californian Bungalow Family Home aims to reduce operational energy through passive solar and services and minimise embodied energy through compactness and choice of materials.

Hirvensalmi Summerhouse / Playa Architects

The Hirvensalmi summerhouse is located on a small rocky island of lake Suontee in southern Finland. There is an existing small fishing cabin built by previous generations in the 1960’s as well as a sauna building from the 1980’s on the island.

Ovacik Villa / BINAA

Ovacik Villa is situated on a beautiful plot of stepped land with olive trees in a rural area in Ovacik, Cesme, Izmir. The Aegean landscape with its sloped topography is tamed by a system of terraces, bringing functional use for the four levels of gardens.

Elsternwick Residences / ADDARC

Elsternwick Residences take advantage of the tree-lined street, substantial allotment size, wide frontage and orientation to create two family focused dwellings with a singular façade expression.

Livingston Manor House / Marc Thorpe Design

The Livingston Manor house is located 2 hours northwest of New York City in the West Catskills. The house was designed as a private rural escape for a Brooklyn based graphic designer and his family.

GC House / PAIR Arquitectura

The GC house is a revamped residence from the seventies with a three objective strategy: efficient redistribution of space, creating a soothing atmosphere, and prioritizing permeability to benefit from its surroundings.

Pirca House / En Obra Arquitectos

Pirca House is located within the neighborhood on a rectangular lot, with a steep difference in level longitudinally dividing it in two, exemplifying its greatest quality.

Undone House / Babak Abnar

Undone, a name given to this project after its [in]completion, refers to the late-phase decision to stop the work on the building’s facade and finishings.

QL House / Visioarq Arquitectos

The QL House project was an exercise in balancing volumes and landscape integration. The articulation of two superimposed and perpendicular volumes generated not only a particular spatial dynamic

Concrete Curtain House / FGR Architects

Concrete Curtain House is architecture of the slow reveal and private oasis. FGR Architects studio’s metaphor of the folded, pleated curtain gives rise to a residence of fluent tranquillity.

Devereux Beach House / Flavin Architects

Our client presented Flavin Architects with a unique challenge. On a site that previously hosted two houses, our client asked us to design a modestly sized house and separate art studio.

Walcot Square Mews, London / FORM Studio

Commissioned by south London charity the Walcot Foundation, this build-to-rent development has significantly increased the rent income generated from the historic estate that funds their grants for the relief of poverty in the local area.

House on the Bench / Sturgess Architecture

HOUSE ON THE BENCH achieves ample space for grape growing by anchoring itself on the edge of the slope, to projecting outward and establishing a place for inhabitation that results in an unparalleled retreat above the valley.

Zuster House / Bijl Architecture

Zuster House explores a classic materials palette with muted tones, textured pressed metal, and characterful timber panel features speaking of tradition and grace.