Restaurant Interior Design

T TIME – Yakitori & Craft Beer & Private Dinning

T TIME is a comprehensive restaurant with Yakitori, craft beer, and private dinning. It is located at 239 Andingmen Avenue in Beijing. The combination of the old courtyard and the new shops creates a chaotic yet inclusive commercial environment.

Wanwei Roast Duck & Beijing Cuisine Restaurant

In June 2023, Wanwei teamed up with IN.X, and together they completed the design of the Wanwei Roast Duck & Beijing Cuisine restaurant at the Wangfujing Department Store in Beijing.

Cang 41 Coffee Bar / JUMGO Creative

For Skiers, Chongli means more than a small town in Hebei. Therefore, a group of passionate skiers came up with an idea to establish a unique and professional coffee bar in here. The new business mode and local culture have generated new collisions and integration.

Marcandole Restaurant / Visual Display

Marcandole is a 30-year-old renowned restaurant located near Venice, known for the very high quality of the fish menu. Its name came from the fish that once upon a time was quite caught in the Piave river near the restaurant: the "marcandola".

Coutume Qatar / CUT Architectures

Amongst Parisian coffee roasters, the most refined of the group inaugurated its newest establishment at the quintessential French address within Qatar: the heart of the Place Vendôme Mall provides an idyllic location for Coutume to unveil its maiden coffee shop in the Middle East.

BLG French Restaurant / Tanzo Space Design

Designed during a 3-month period of the pandemic and constructed in 2 months, TANZO completed the BLG French Restaurant (Haibi Terrace store)

Norte Restaurant / Grizzo Studio

The challenge of this project located in the Korean gastronomic hub of the Flores neighborhood in Buenos Aires was to achieve the convergence of two different cultures such as Korean and northern Argentine.

Damascena Coffee House, Birmingham / Faber Design

With a design inspired by the traditional courtyard houses of Syria, Damascena Coffee House celebrates the culture and cuisine of the Middle East; where food is so much more than just fuel—it’s a cornerstone of society.

Voyager Craft Coffee / Studio BANAA

Voyager Craft Coffee is a startup initiated as a coffee cart, run by a couple of entrepreneurial world travelers. For Studio BANAA, “coffee inspired by our travels” is a concept that hit home.

Sheng Yongxing Restaurant / Tanzo Space Design

After four years of Michelin selection, Sheng Yongxing Restaurant has gradually found balance in self-expression and innovation, much like the attitude of the designer when adjusting artworks in the store: cautious, accurate, and vibrant.

Pieno Restaurant / Znamy Się

The interior is filled with details from old Italian restaurants, such as glass display cases and brass handles, a leather seating area or the floor tile design

Vereda Restaurant, Barcelona / A Space About

A SPACE ABOUT (ASA), the interior and product design studio founded by Laura Blanch and Noa Massanet, has led the spectacular project of Vereda, a charming restaurant-bar specializing in natural wines and local cuisine.

Contraband Coffee / 450 Architects

For Contraband Coffee’s second location, MoME architects of San Luis Obispo teamed up with 450 Architects to deliver a warm and welcoming coffee shop in the South of Market district of San Francisco.

Brasserie des Pres / B3 Designers

Just opened, Brasserie des Pres by Nouvelle Garde, in the heart of the vibrant Latin Quarter in Paris. The design and atmosphere is vibrant yet traditionally inspired, modern and sophisticated.

Takai by Kashiba / Heliotrope Architects

Takai by Kashiba is a sushi restaurant for acclaimed chef Shiro Kashiba, his son, Edwin, and head apprentice Jun Takai.

Proabition Restaurant / Davis Ink

When the idea of a whiskey lounge and kitchen with a prohibition-era motif for the historic downtown Riverside neighborhood was conceived, it was intended to be a traditional yet modern setting for everyone to enjoy.

LaMalDita Restaurant, Barcelona / LoCa Studio

LaMalDita Restaurant is a place for quick lunch, and coffee, away from the lunch menu. A bet on the modernization of the Catalan tradition of "esmorzars de forquilla" (breakfasts with a fork).

Boris Kudlicka with Partners Designed the Interiors of DOCK 19 Restaurant by Mateusz Gessler

In one of the Warsaw's famous spots Elektrownia Powiśle, TV host Mateusz Gessler has opened a place with his original cuisine, combining the best culinary traditions of Asia and Europe.

Spoki Restaurant / Archpoint Bureau

New Spoki restaurant has opened on Tsvetnoy Boulevard and welcomes guests, eager to plunge into the atmosphere of everyone’s favorite TV show «Good night, kids!», take picture with Hrusha and Stepashka, eat cotton candy and attend the cooking class.

Simultaneo Restaurant in Hotel Plaza, Barcelona

Located at the base of the majestic Montjuic Mountain, the city's largest urban park, the design of the new space aims to seamlessly blend Montjuic's natural beauty and Mediterranean charm.

La Juana Restaurant, Madrid / Paco Lago Interioriza

La Juana Restaurant, a space that among candles, fans, tapestries and carnations, is an invitation to live the Andalusian art fused with the most traditional part of Madrid.