Yavne Penthouse Apartment / Roi Levi Interior Designer

Interior designer Roi Levi planned for them a penthouse apartment in a precise and refined modern style that preserves the homeliness and warmth they sought to maintain.

Beer Sheva Penthouse / Tzvia Kazayoff

What's beautiful about renovation is the ability to take a disproportionate project; an old 3-bedroom apartment, 130 sqm with a 124 sqm balcony, and transform it into an amazing penthouse sized at 195 sqm with a proportional balcony of 60 sqm.

The Happy Penthouse / Meital Zimber

Interior designer Meital Zimber was asked to design a contractor's apartment for a young family, a couple, and their four small children. The family requested a cheerful home, alongside ample storage solutions and practical thinking, considering the young age of their four children.

Yavne Penthouse / Liad Yosef Interior Design

The young couple from Yavne, Israel, sought to upgrade their family and acquired a spacious penthouse apartment with a huge terrace overlooking an open landscape and the Mediterranean Sea.

Central Park West Penthouse / Studio ST Architects

Studio ST Architects renovated a pre-war Manhattan penthouse apartment to accommodate a multi-generational, Asia-based family and emphasize the wrap-around views of Central Park.

Penthouse 2, Melbourne / K.P.D.O.

K.P.D.O.’s Melbourne Penthouse 2 is a finely tuned play between textured materiality and classical/modernist planning principles.

Electra Sea Penthouse / Orly Silber Interior Design

The Electra Sea penthouse is located in one of the central cities in Israel, in a new tower on the front line facing the sea.

Austin Nichols Penthouse / Morris Adjmi Studio

Working collaboratively with the client, MA transformed the 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom space into a tranquil home that gathers strength from the building’s industrial heritage.

Beer Yaakov Penthouse / Daniel Michaeli

The Beer Yaakov penthouse apartment, located on the top floor of a new residential building in Beer Yaakov, was the couple's first choice primarily thanks to the fantastic terrace overlooking the urban landscape and open spaces.

Massive Renovation of a Penthouse in Jaffa

Encircled by balconies overlooking the sea and the Old City of Jaffa, Israel, stands a two-story penthouse in a luxury complex in the city.

MC Residence, London / deDraft

DEDRAFT have completed a extensive refurbishment of a penthouse apartment within ‘The Old German Hospital’ in London Fields, Hackney.

Bologna Penthouse / Francesco Meneghello

Francesco Meneghello signs the project for this suggestive penthouse in Bologna, located in a recently built context with low environmental impact and structured as a poetic buen retiro around the passions of the owners

Fairlight Residence / The Stylesmiths

Perched atop a gentle rise, offering a harmonious blend of modern elegance and coastal tranquillity, this sub penthouse’s minimalist approach allows the breathtaking Sydney Harbour views take centre stage.

Metropolitan Chic Penthouse Apartment / Tzvia Kazayoff

Welcome to the penthouse apartment of a couple in their 40s and their two teenage children, which was planned and designed by Tzvia Kazayoff.

Ultra-Modern Luxurious Penthouse in Ahmedabad

Step into the epitome of iconic living in this Ultra-Modern Luxurious Penthouse, where each room is meticulously designed to create a harmonious blend of style, luxury and timeless beauty with breathtaking aesthetics.

Penthouse Apartment in Netanya / Interior Designer Erez Hyatt

Such is the case for a couple with 4 children who have purchased a penthouse apartment in Netanya and turned to interior designer Erez Hyatt to create a meticulously crafted home that unfolds in stages, with a precise monochromatic color palette that is refined and natural.

SMM Penthouse, Valencia, Spain / Anna Solaz – Estudi d’Arquitectura + CRUX Arquitecto

The SMM penthouse is located in a representative building of Valencia’s old town. The eclectic-style construction was built at the end of the 19th century and due to its singular façade, the alteration on its external appearance is not permitted.

DC Penthouse / Magarão + Lindenberg Arq

A linear 485m² penthouse in Leblon, a noble discrict of Rio de Janeiro’s southern zone, with a 360°panorama view. This was Maurício Magarão and Alice Lindenberg’s starting point to develop a daring project that redistributed spaces

TB Penthouse by Edoardo Milesi & Archos

In this eclectic TB penthouse, designed for a couple of art collectors, different colors mark different functional areas. Every detail was thought and created on the desire of a comfortable, intimate, and tidy home.

1928 Penthouse by Balzar Arquitectos

The 1928 Penthouse in Valencia is located in a historical building that forms part of the city’s modernist architecture. Its main façade is structured into parallel vertical axes which line up with the elongated proportions of the window openings

West Village Residence by Grade Architecture

West Village Residence is a 3,800 SF, 2-bed, 3.5-bath bachelor’s penthouse with a wrap-around terrace designed in a monochromatic color scheme to reflect the sleek, highly tailored environment