Small apartments

Pied-à-Terre With a Lot of Wood

Yana Molodykh presents the design of a typical Pied-à-Terre apartment for a family living in a Kyiv suburb. The interior of the apartment corresponds to the context of Podil, one of the most picturesque districts of Kyiv.

Dark Gray Monochromatic Apartment, Buenos Aires / Grizzo Studio

The primary idea was to incorporate an extensive program into an apartment of only 40 square meters that did not have a single right angle because it was the top floor of a corner building in the Villa Devoto neighborhood.

Studio for a Minimalist

Interior design of a studio apartment 26 sq. m in the style of minimalism is a harmonious combination of comfort, functionality and aesthetics.

Meditation Duplex from Sim-Plex Design Studio

Sim-Plex, with the concept of meditation duplex, utilises a transformable electric staircase and a detachable and expandable platform to lift up the more private resting area on the upper level

Modern Bachelor Apartment / Designers Pavel and Svetlana Alekseevs

We present to you the interior of a modern bachelor apartment, created for a comfortable life and stylish holiday for our hero. The apartment is located in an old building - Khrushchev, but thanks to the competent use of space and modern design

Sympathy Apartment, Brasilia / Lez Arquitetura

The “Sympathy Apartment” is a 44m² duplex located in Brasília, Brazil. The owners are a friendly and receptive young couple who love to cook and gather friends at home.

Apartment in New York City / Dmitry Reutov

The project of apartments in New York. Small apartment 40m2. The design of the apartment is made in a unique style. A variety of green shades and textures.

Manhattan Apartment Renovation in New York City

I was inspired by the natural colors of Mexico. Bright architectural elements of Mexico. I wanted to convey the feeling of the southern sun and natural colors.

33 Apartment, Sao Paulo / Soek Arquitetura

Apartment 33 is a study into the aesthetic and function of increasingly smaller domestic spaces and its relationship with individual expression and behavior.

Life Around a Timber Box by Studio Wills + Architects

The project is a renovation of a 1+1 bedroom apartment, consisting primarily of the reorganization of storage spaces to improve adjacencies and increase storage capacity to meet the needs of its new owner.

Takoye Apartment by Between the Walls

In general, the Takoye apartment shows that even a small area can be transformed into an interesting and comfortable place for living. Not only for a young couple, but also for two wonderful fluffy cats.

Equador 804 Apartment in Cascais, Portugal / Duarte Caldas Architectural Design

Equador 804 Apartment is a renovation project located in Cascais, covering approximately 33m2, aimed at income generation through short-term rental.

Small Apartment in Singapore by Metre Architects

This project is an assemblage of carefully calculated approaches that epitomizes clever space planning and ingenious solution.

Refurbishment of a Private Apartment in Berlin

The essence of the design was to create a series of furniture with similar materials but diverse colours to respond to each basic function of the space.

Izakaya House from Sim-Plex Design Studio

Sim-Plex designs with home as the core: “U · Izakaya House” not only reflects the izakaya vibe in the layout, but also in the heart, home has deeply rooted to become the warmest and most comfortable U-shaped izakaya 'house'.

PM Studio Apartment by Atelier PECLAT+CHOW

Project: PM Studio Apartment Project leader and designer: Atelier PECLAT+CHOW Location: Itaim Bibi, São Paulo, Brazil Project size: 55 m2 Site size: 55 m2 Completion date 2021 Photo Credits: Luiza...

Post-War Apartment T101 by ROOI Design and Research

Chinese homes have changed dramatically in size, scope, and design in the past few decades; conducted by ROOI Design and Research firm, Post-War Apartment T101 is one example of an outstanding Chinese renovation project.

Mini Apartment in Milan by Chroma Studio

A modern office, linear and neutral, is converted into a home and made welcoming through a play of colours, coverings and décor. Its unique structure, consisting of a narrow corridor, was the driving force behind the design project

Montecucco Flat by Vanda Designers

The Montecucco flat is located on the outskirts of the city, on the top floor of a building with a privileged exposure. There is no shortage of light and views, and it is from this light, the great ally of every designer, that we started.

Monolocale Studio Apartment by Archiplan Studio

A small volume, which contains the bed, is located inside the unified interior space of the apartment and it defines its own hierarchy and path.

Domestico by Juan Alberto Andrade + María José Vascones

Doméstico refers to a habitable artifact that allows the condensing of everyday activities into one organizing element that transforms easily, and does not sacrifice comfort.